"Why can't I withdraw money?" — Automatic account verification in Toloka

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Newbies often try to withdraw their first dollar right after they register in Toloka. This way, they want to check whether Toloka will actually pay them. We understand this concern. It's important to be careful with your money online, leave suspicious sites quickly, and avoid talking to unreliable users. But platforms have concerns of their own and need to monitor your activity to be able to quickly identify scammers. That's why Toloka uses automatic account verification. While we're verifying your account, you can't withdraw money.

Which accounts are verified and when

There are two options:

  • You just registered. Verification will take no more than a day.
  • You changed the phone number that's linked to your account right after registration or later. Verification may take up to a week after you changed the number.

How verification affects your account

There's only one restriction — you can't withdraw money.

Everything else stays the same: you can take on training and regular tasks and get paid to your Toloka account. Use this time to earn more money, and you'll withdraw it after verification.

Don't worry about passing verification — all good Tolokers pass it successfully. You'll be able to use all the features of your account soon.

When verification starts and ends

Verification starts automatically and you won't receive any notifications about it.

You can find out that your account is under verification when you create a withdrawal request. You'll see this message:

"We are checking your account details. This usually takes from one day to one week. You will be able to withdraw money after verification."

You won't get a notification when the verification is complete. Just try withdrawing money again in a few days.

Important! Account verification is a technical process. We can't make it faster or cancel it for a particular account. Please don't contact Toloka support with such requests — we can't change verification timelines.

Where to learn more about automatic verification

This blog post covers all you need to know about automatic verification. :)

The Toloka User Agreement doesn't mention automatic verification or any other technical processes that ensure the security of users and the platform. The User Agreement only covers the general terms and conditions and the rules of interaction between Tolokers and the platform.

Summary: important information about account verification in Toloka

  • Toloka automatically checks new accounts and accounts whose phone number has changed.
  • While your account is being verified, you can complete tasks as usual.
  • Verification may take from a day to a week. Toloka support can't accelerate this process.
  • All Tolokers pass automatic verification, and nobody gets blocked — you just need to wait a little.
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Toloka Team

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