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As you might know, Toloka platform has established specific rules to ensure fair and honest task completion:

  • Accurately provide personal information during registration
  • Use only one account
  • Refrain from utilizing scripts or bots
  • Approach tasks with care and attention to detail
  • Maintain constructive and professional communication with requesters and support teams.

Violations of these rules, along with substandard or careless task performance, can result in task authors easing to assign new projects. Toloka has implemented an automated antifraud system to ban such Tolokers and promote honest task completion. However, recognizing that not every mistake warrants a ban, Toloka has established multiple levels of bans. In this article, we will delve into these levels, explain how to determine if you have been banned, and discuss potential actions to resolve the situation.

Yellow: project-specific ban

This is the first and mildest ban level. It sometimes happens that Tolokers have a hard time with one project, but do great work on others. In that case, the system only bans them on the project they're having trouble with. We call this a project ban.

This happens when: The antifraud system notices suspicious activity on a project. For example, the CAPTCHA was entered incorrectly multiple times.

How to find out if you were banned: Notifications about suspicious activity and project bans are sent to your personal messages. While they don't mention specific projects, you can figure out which ones you were banned from: they'll be the tasks that are missing. If you have Mail or Browser turned on in your notification settings, you'll also be notified of your ban that way.

What to do next: The first time a project ban is issued, it lasts three days, then the period gets longer with each subsequent ban. That gives Tolokers multiple attempts to integrate into that project. Regardless, you can still do other tasks on the platform. With all the projects we have on Toloka, you're sure to find something you enjoy.

If you're notified about a project ban, be more careful on all your projects. Take your time completing tasks and reread the instructions.

Orange: platform ban

This is a stricter ban. The Toloker temporarily loses access to all tasks on the platform, but they can be reinstated by following the instructions.

This happens when: The antifraud system identifies suspicious activity on multiple projects.

How to find out if you were banned: A red bar with a message about the ban appears in the upper block of the interface. You'll also get a personal message about being banned on the platform. It includes instructions for what to do next.

What to do next: Follow the instructions to verify your account, filling out the feedback form and providing a selfie with documents confirming your identity.

Red: permanent ban

This is the strictest level. Tolokers lose access to all tasks on the platform and cannot regain access without contacting the Toloka team.

This happens when: The user has grossly violated the platform's rules, for example, by using bots, using scripts, or making lots of mistakes.

How to find out if you were blocked: A notification appears in the upper block of the interface. You're also sent a personal message in Toloka, though it doesn't include messages on how to get unbanned.

What to do next: Contact support and ask for a review. The situation will be resolved manually, with the decision reversed only if the ban was erroneous. In that case, it's rescinded completely or left in place only for individual projects. Your query will definitely be handled, and repeatedly contacting our support team won't accelerate the process.

Task requester ban

In addition to the platform itself, task requesters can block rule violators using our built-in quality tools. This option is similar to a project ban, though there are some differences.

This happens when: Task requesters can ban Tolokers on one, a few, or all of their projects.

How to find out if you were banned: If the project requester has notifications configured, you'll get a message on our platform or by email. If they don't, there's no way of telling if you were banned or if the requester has just run out of tasks.

What to do next: Pick a different project and get to work.

An important note about Toloka's different ban types

If you get a notification about being banned, don't panic.

  1. Find out what level the ban is.
  2. It may take some time, but you can restore access to the tasks even if you got a platform ban.
  3. Follow the rules and do your work carefully and thoughtfully to avoid bans.
  4. Contact support if you have any problems.
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