Current bonus rules

The rules come into effect on the launch date and can be modified unilaterally by Toloka. You will be notified of any changes to the rules with a message in Toloka.

The updated version of the rules is published on this page. Previous rule versions.

What are bonuses given for?

  • For tasks performed by a friend. A task is considered completed if the requester accepts it.

  • For bonuses that a friend received from requesters. The requester can grant bonuses to Tolokers.


Friend bonuses are granted only in the first month after your friend registers in Toloka.

How are bonuses granted?

Bonuses are granted for tasks completed by friends on the previous day. The money is credited to your account in Toloka.


Bring new friends often and help them earn to get more bonuses from their earnings.

How is the bonus amount calculated?


  • Bonus amounts are calculated under the most profitable program.

  • Bonuses for all friends are combined. We do not provide details of the bonus calculation.

  • Bonuses are not given if you're banned for violating the User Agreement.

Bonus programs

  • 20% of the task price for field tasks performed in the cities from the list.
List of cities
  • 5 to 10% of the amount earned for other tasks and bonuses that your friend received from requesters.

    The percentage depends on the total amount of bonuses you received under this program over the past year:

    • 5% if your bonus amount for the year is less than $10.
    • You will start receiving 7% as soon as your total bonuses for the year exceed $10. This means that your friends' total annual earnings have gone over $200.
    • 10% if your bonus amount for the year is more than $100.

    Here's how your bonuses are counted. For example, today is April 20. If you've received over $100 for your friends since April 21 of the previous year, you get 10% of their income. If your bonus amount for this period is less than $100 but more than $10, you receive 7%. If it's less than $10, it's 5%.

Last updated: February 19, 2023