Entering captchas

In Toloka, captchas are entertaining mini games that can distract you from your tasks for a few seconds. The games are simple, quick, and easy. The captchas don't contain any foreign words, only pictures and clear symbols. At the same time, captchas are good at protecting Toloka from robots and cheaters.

Captcha examples

  • Three in a row

    In this captcha, you need to put three identical images in one row or column. To move an element, click it, then click the cell that's above it, under it, to the right, or to the left from it. This mini game always has a solution where it's enough to move one element to line up three identical images.

  • Select objects

    In this captcha, you need to mark the elements in the order indicated above the picture. To mark an item, click as close to its center as possible.

  • Slider

    To solve this captcha, you need to move the element to the right place. Don't drag the element itself, move it using the slider below the picture. To do this, move the cursor over the slider, press and hold the mouse button and move the slider. Do not release the mouse button until the element is in place.

If you encounter a problem when entering a captcha and you didn't find the answer on this page, contact Toloka support. Attach a screenshot or screen recording to your message and specify the OS, browser, or app version.

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Last updated: February 18, 2023