About Toloka

Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform that helps process large amounts of data by distributing tasks to a large pool of annotators.

Requesters post tasks and set a price, while Tolokers choose tasks, complete them, and earn money.

Tolokers can help classify images, transcribe audio recordings, moderate comments, complete focus group surveys, and so on. The resulting data can be used for training machine learning algorithms or other purposes.

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Register in Toloka as an annotator

Registration. Frequently asked questions.

Withdrawing money

Withdraw the money you earned.

How are my responses reviewed?

Find out how long the review takes. How do I get the results?

Task list

How to sort tasks using filters.

Set up a profile

Setting up a profile. Notifications.


What you need skills for and where you can see them.

How to be a successful Toloker

How to earn honestly and what not to do.


Get awards for your achievements on the platform. Can you get them all?

How to contact the requester

Feedback with requesters.

Invite your friends

What rewards you can get. Rules for awarding them.

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