Starting on December 16, 2022, funds withdrawal to Payoneer is unavailable for users from Russia.

Benefits of Payoneer

Payoneer is a secure, fast, and low-cost payment system.

It allows users to:

  • Send and receive money.
  • Pay for goods and services.
  • Send payment requests.
  • Open multiple accounts in different currencies within the same account.


Area of operation

Almost everywhere

Works with restrictions in Russia.

Available in more than 200 countries. For more information, contact the Payoneer Support Center.

Total fee



  • From Toloka — 0%.
  • To your bank account — up to 2%.
  • To a bank account in the same currency. USD — $1.5, EUR — €1.5, GBP — £1.5.

Learn more on the Payoneer website.

Minimum withdrawal amount from Toloka


Where to transfer money next

- To a bank account.

  • To the Payoneer Mastercard.


    There may be problems with money transfers to Visa and Mastercard cards issued by Russian banks right now.

To find out the exact fee amount, go to Fees in your Payoneer account.

The minimum withdrawal amount may differ from the one when withdrawing from Toloka. It might be higher (for example, $50).

How to connect Payoneer

To withdraw money from Toloka to Payoneer, you need to register in the system.

  1. Go to the Payoneer official website and click Register.

  2. Answer a short survey on how you intend to use Payoneer.


  3. On the next page, click Register.

  4. Fill in your personal data. Click Next.

  5. Enter your contact details. To confirm your phone number, click Send code and enter the code from the SMS.

  6. Come up with a password and fill in your personal data as shown in your passport.

  7. Enter your local bank account details.

  8. Done! You have registered in Payoneer. After registration is completed, you'll get a confirmation email.

How to withdraw money from Toloka

  1. Open the My money page.
  2. Find the Payoneer payment system and click Link my account.
  3. The wallet is linked once. After you do this, you'll be able to withdraw money in the My money tab.
  4. Enter the required amount and click Withdraw.
  5. An SMS with a code will be sent to your number. Enter it and click Confirm.
  6. The money will be transferred to your Payoneer account. It usually takes a few hours or days, but sometimes longer. The maximum transfer time is 30 days. Check the status in the Actions history block.


You won't be able to submit a request if you just registered or recently changed your phone number. If this is the case, your account is undergoing verification. It takes 1 day if you just registered, and 7 days if you changed your phone number.

How to withdraw money from Payoneer

How do I withdraw money to a bank account
  1. Go to Withdraw → To Bank Account.
  2. Select the relevant currency balance: dollars or euros.
  3. Enter your bank account details if you haven't done so already. If the account is already linked, select it from the list.
  4. Enter the amount and click Review.
  5. Check the details and click Withdraw.
  6. After the request is processed, you will receive a notification email specifying the amount of time the transfer will take.
How to withdraw money to a Payoneer Mastercard

You can withdraw money at ATMs all over the world. To do this, request a Payoneer Mastercard under .


Payoneer does not issue cards to customers with a postal or residential address in the Russian Federation.

  • You can order the card after you reach a certain payment amount.
  • The card is issued free of charge, but there is a service fee.
  • You can order a card for each of the currencies you use.
  • The money is automatically transferred from the Payoneer account to the card every hour, provided that the amount of funds on it doesn't exceed the set limit.

Learn more about the card in the Payoneer Support Center.