Antifraud Policy Update: Project Limits and a Unified Feedback Form

Toloka Team
by Toloka Team

Hi there! This week, we'll be moving toward more lenient antifraud rules. Rather than block suspicious accounts from Toloka, we’ll now be limiting their access to specific projects. We’re also introducing a special antifraud feedback form to quickly hear back from Tolokers who think they got unfairly blocked.

What’s new

Previously, accounts with suspicious activity were blocked, either temporarily or permanently, across the entirety of Toloka. Tolokers banned by the platform lost access to all projects and tasks.

With the new rules in place, Tolokers can be limited in their access to specific projects but keep access to all other tasks and projects in Toloka. Besides, Tolokers can now use a special feedback form to quickly let us know if they disagree with the ban.

With this update, we hope to increase antifraud accuracy, get better feedback from Tolokers, and improve their user experience.

There are now three violation levels in Toloka

  1. Yellow: The Toloker's activity was suspicious or their response quality on a particular project dropped significantly. Access to this project was limited by the platform* but the Toloker can still do tasks on other projects.
  2. Orange: Suspicious activity was detected on multiple projects. Toloka antifraud algorithms blocked the user across the entire platform. The Toloka team will need some time to dig into the situation and decide whether to remove the ban, keep it in place, or block only specific projects.
  3. Red: The Toloker used bots or scripts, made too many mistakes, or otherwise severely violated the platform rules . The Toloker was completely suspended from Toloka.
  • Reminder: In Toloka, individual requesters can also block certain performers from accessing their projects. This is a different type of ban that is fully up to the requester; Toloka has no control over such bans.

You’ll be in the know

Yellow level: You will receive a warning message on the platform. At this point, you will already have limited access to certain projects. Our antifraud policy says that we can't tell you the names of these projects, but it most likely happened because you violated the Toloka rules.

Orange or  Red levels: A red bar will appear in the upper block of the Toloka interface saying that you got banned. You will also get a message in your Toloka inbox. If you have Email or Browser turned on in your notification settings, you will receive a copy of the notification there, too.

Requester ban: Requesters have full control over which users they block on their projects and how they notify such users.

What to do

If you believe you didn’t violate any rules, please fill out this form to let us know. We don’t guarantee that we will restore your access to suspended projects, but we do guarantee that we’ll review your request promptly.

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Sincerely, the Toloka team

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Toloka Team

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